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Rock Lee
08 December 2008 @ 03:28 am
[Private to Tenten]

I have something to show you!

Rock Lee
21 November 2008 @ 12:52 am
[Today, one Rock Lee, while walking through the corridors, discovers this piece of parchment sticking out of journal. He halts in the middle of the hallways and reads it curiously...]

~True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The great blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.~
Rock Lee
27 July 2008 @ 01:16 pm
[So, One Rock Lee jumps up in the middle of the Great Hall one day with absolute elation and proclaims:]




[...Dead silence ensues as several pairs of eyes burn him through]

...I-  ... Uhm.


Explanation: This misunderstanding from long ago.

And... aksdjhsdkj PAID ACCOUNT??! WOOOOOOOOOO! Who did it? fess up! *dances*]]
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Rock Lee
27 June 2008 @ 04:57 pm

Well, this is odd...

Hello there, everyone!

...Have you ever had an experience in which you have absolutely no recollection of what has been going on for an utterly frightening length of time?

[[OOC: *Sheepish* Hello again T_T I am back, officially from my many-month long hiatus, and I am absolutely elated to say that I have no clue as to where to start off again, so --

...Introducing a partial reset of character. I will not go very indepth as to what measures I have taken, but expect Lee to be his usual, youthful sef again - albeit a little confused for a while. =) An ignore icon choice for now - ran out of paid time. ^^;]]
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Rock Lee
[...The door to professor Conrad's office opens slowly to reveal Lee standing there. He felt it in his heart the moment it happened, but he has just heard the news.

....He appears stiffened in shock, his eyes completely widened and lips parted in a most horrifed expression, walking ever-slowly into the school corridor, at which his pumpkin juice in his goblet makes hardly any any motion as he takes steady steps towards a nearby ledge. A group of his precious friends and comrades waited outside the door, but now, he cannot even see them...even though they are right in front of him.

His movements are sluggish and almost robotic. He is pale, and his eyes are unfocused. He is shaking, he is shocked, he is disoriented, and his appetite is unnoticeably gone. He had been bracing himself for this for the past few months, noticing that ungodly pattern finally setting in, but despite all, there was always that little optimistic hunch in his subconscious that told him that this was never going to happen. But it finally did. If he had not been mentally preparing himself for this to happen, only God knows how he would take it now.

With hardly any change to his stiff stance...His shaky hand extends out to set the goblet aside on the ledge...

...Missing the ledge completely, he drops it, and the goblet smashes to the floor.]

[...His own words from his conversation with Gai from months ago echoes in his head - at this time, beyond all the apprehension behind finally telling Gai about them and this, he wore a proud, confident smile--..]

...He has always been there for me.

...I recall how you have always defined 'True Love', Gai-sensei. The willingness to love a person unconditionally no matter how they are...no matter who they are...no matter what they have done...

...Even if he is a male...[He added sheepishly]

...and having that love returned...especially when there is love so strongly beyond any reason that I can give...

I feel that he is my
One True Love, Gai-sensei. He fits your description perfectly in all ways! Even though he can be terribly arrogant, mean, and unyouthful at times...my love for him never changes. I feel as though all arrows have pointed to him all this time, I-..


...I love him very much, Gai-sensei!!

...At times, I would feel as if I were a table that has lost its legs...and whenever I did, he would be my only support...

...I believe that this is it! I want to be with him forever!

[In the apex of his happiness, he extended his arms into the sky, twirling in utter delight, feeling the breeze caress his face and the new feeling of pure, utter contentedness in his heart.]

...I feel as though if this one person were to ever leave me...

...my entire table would surely collapse..


[..And with that same look of shock on his face, he collapses to his knees in place beside the shards of broken clay.]

-...Neji was right...

...It was too good to be true.-

[ooc; This post hereby ends my hiatus...since I really have no reason to be on hiatus anymore. ^_^ A last tear to cry...but A SWIFT RECOVERY SHALL ENSUE, BECAUSE HE IS THE PROUD, VALIANT GREEN BEAST, AND GOOD SHALL ALWAYS TRIUMPH OVER EVIL and whatnot. ^_^b]
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Rock Lee



[HE SALUTES! ...And as he sees her stir beneath the sheets...He scurries in with a birthday greeting guaranteed to wake the dead...]




QUAI LE~!!!!!

[...and proceeds to jump excitedly on the foot of her bed.]

[[OOC: Still on hiatus, yesh...but this special day must not pass! And promises must be kept ^o^; [Chinese trans; Good Morning! HAP--PY BIIRTHDAAAAY!]]
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Rock Lee

I had a most incredible experience recently!!

...I stumbled upon a transcendent Island of sorts... A dubious island of enchantment that was simply--...inexplicably INCREDIBLE! Apparently, I was not the only new arrival, as many, like me, were new to the Island as well...


There, I was welcomed by a fair-haired princess in a pink dress. She told me that the Island had the ability to produce such oddities as CHOCOLATE RAIN some stay dry and others feel the pa-- and ALCOHOLIC COCONUTS!

And then...

...and then, she took me to a CAKE TREE!! The cake was real, and it was actually produced by the tree!

I also conversed with a talking, blue hedgehog...and apprently, he was not transfigured to be that way, but he claims that he was born that way! And I danced with...a creature that appeared to be a small, robotic stuffed animal of sorts, and--....

I would think it to be a dream...but it was all so real!!

[[ooc: Lawl, Island event. Syaoran-mun made me do it A dream? ...Is he on crack? No one'll ever know. XD Yay adventures! [1][2][3] and others]]
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Rock Lee
26 February 2008 @ 12:19 pm
I am entirely unsure...
This seems all too tangible to be a genjustu.
I would assume that I was stationed here for a mission, but...there is a strange woman here who claims to be my mother...who was solely responsible for teaching me how to utilize this contraption...

...At worst, she also assumes that I am joking.

...Might anyone recall why Tenten and I are in Hong Kong?

And, whenever did I learn to speak English?

If anyone on this network knows who I am, would anyone be able to tell me how I have gotten here?


  • One is of massive build and stands proudly with a manly posture and paramount stature!! He sports a most handsome face, thick, painstakenly groomed eyebrows, high cheekbones and sparkling, white teeth. He possesses a most vivacious ardour, relentless alacrity, spontaneity and zeal unmatched by no one else! His name is Maito Gai, and as for pictoral reference, he looks like this!

  • The other is one of long, dark hair and of height rivaling my own except that it does not and eyes like clear marble. His name is Neji.

If anyone at this point, shinobi or not, could assist me in this matter, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much in advance!

[ooc: Needless to say, he figured out how to use a journal better than last time. Ding Dong Dattebayo]
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Rock Lee
Hello Everyone! [*waves excitedly through magic screen*]

I have only been able to keep minimal contact with anyone at Hogwarts, but I enabled my journal this once because I would like to take this opportunity to say, 'Thank you' for the Valentine's gifts...and how much fun I had meeting everyone at the Valentine's Day Ball once again...

...I must say...when all those owls arrived, I hardly knew what to expect! I--...


...I would be utterly dishonest if I were to say that I expected any owls at my window bearing gifts on Valentine's Day...


...I recieved so many chocolates...when, in all honesty...

...I actually never expected any...at all.....

[*tears up*]

It is ..astonishingly heartwarming to see that I am in your hearts...

[*lip wibbles*]

...e-even though I am hundreds of miles away...


Th-Thank you very much, everyone...

...I-I will try to return the f-favour as best as possible...in the f-future...


[/Edit:] ...And please excuse my behaviour at the ball...I believe I was drunk quite...undertheinfluence...

[/Edit:] It seems that I also just recieved a rose....[A smile] You were beside me all this time, Tenten...you did not have to go through the trouble...^_^

[ooc: lol gift mistmatch]
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Rock Lee
21 January 2008 @ 03:50 pm
*In the library with Gai to escape the madness of the Great Hall...

...But then...

Hard rock starts to infiltrate the library...Lee stands up angrily and starts to shout---*

Play that record backwards!!!
heres a message yo' for the suckas
Play that record backards
and go fuck yourself
play that record backwards!!!!!!!!



-Did I just say a curse-word?-


*music livens and starts to sing...*


Goh angasal a m'i ,imalas a gnah og!!!
God a rednu gge taf A! teggun der A! doG!
Ooz yratinas a ni tar yzoo...
Wep a ni cinap ew...

*Falls upwards out of his sitting position on the ground and begins to hip-hop dance...

....completely backwards*

[[OOC: Falling upwards, jumping downwards, moonwalking forwards, YOU NAME IT!!!!! THE BACKWARDS GREEN BEASTS FTW.

Feel free to gawk in utter wtfness or join in all your backwards glory.

And this is where to translate text to....backwards. XD http://www.glittergirl.co.uk/type_backwards.html

Intro song is 'Backmask' by Mindless Self indulgence, and the next one is 'Bob' by Weird Al Yanchovik. Feel free to come by with anything, though.]]
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Rock Lee
16 January 2008 @ 10:46 pm
*In the beginning of the day, after visiting St, Mungo's, suddenly bursts out into song...*

[LINK TO SONG VIDEO~] Even though You Kill My Trust, I Luv U Still...Collapse )


[[Later in the day, stands by a picture of his...not-so-loving foster parents, thinking about all that they have done to him in the past...he twirls the ring of his forced engagement on his finger, stabs a kunai into the ground in frustration, the music (and a bunch of kids) comes out of nowhere and HE SINGS~*



Current Location: Hogwarts
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Rock Lee
15 January 2008 @ 03:12 am
[[During opening ceremonies, Lee is called up to the front of the Great Hall to give an announcement. He stands at a small podium in front of the entire student body, and calls politely for everyone's attention.

Has his Prefect badge on, but not for long, he notes.]]

Greetings, students, faculty and *eyes trail as Nearly Headless Nick floats on by* ....metaphysical bodies of Hogwarts. As many of you may know, My name is Rock Lee, and I am your 6th-year Gryffindor prefect. I sincerely hope that everyone had a most YOUTHFULLY EXUBERANT holiday and is returning to Hogwarts focused and ready for a brand new semester at Hogwarts! *ignores grumbles*


As you also may have been aware, A sponsor and I have been holding a charity drive since the beginning of last November to make sure that unfortunate wizarding children would have a most pleasant holiday season. As promised, each house donating at least a minimal amount to the charity will recieve a default number of House Points, however, I am here because I would like to reward a few extra points to some noteworthy donors for the following reasons:

I would also like to reward an extra 50 points to Mr. Fakir of Slytherin! Because he is the only Slytherin to donate.

I would also like to award Ravenclaw 50 additional points, on the part of Mr. Jei. Because it is one thing to give up you have, but it is beyond admirable to give up what you do not have. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas gift! *Referring to the 20 shiny knuts Lee had anonymously sent him for Christmas*

As a result, Ravenclaw House, the second-highest contributing house will be rewarded 250 PLUS and additional 50 points for their total donation of 20 Galleons, and 1 Knut!

That being said...

The winner of the Charity for Unfortunate Wizarding Children is--....

*smiles proudly during a dramatic pause!*

...is Gryffindor, with a total of 88 Galleons, 30 Sickles and 1 Knut for 350 House Points!!

All in all, with YOUR contributions, we have managed to raise 130 Galleons, 61 Sickles, and 12 knuts [$1345.48] for unfortunate wizarding orphans this past holiday season!

Many thanks to all who have donated...and may you all be blessed ten times over!!


[[Private, hackable by Tenten and Gai]]

...I am going to miss this place...

...I am going to miss this place a lot...


[[Lee'll be around for the nest few days for musical days XD gathering stuff from teachers and moving his stuff out of his dorm and whatnot, then back off home to HK with Tenten ^_^;]]
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Rock Lee
14 January 2008 @ 04:18 pm
[[In Person - At St. Mungo's]]

*Knocks at Neji's door. It's 9 am.*

*..and has a load of crap with him.*


*Backdated to Sunday morning*
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Rock Lee
07 January 2008 @ 07:19 pm
The Wong Tai Sin district is holding its annual Chinese New Year celebration in a few days!

Why they are having it a month early is beyond me.

Today, we went to harvest fruits...and we apparently became so caught up that we currently have a overwhelming amount of Litchis! I doubt that we can eat them all before they go bad. Therefore, I welcome everyone to partake in the wondrous bounty! That is-...if you are fond of them, of course. ^^;

[[Private. Hackable to 'Precious Persons' - excluding Neji.]]

..Still no sign.


[[Filtered to Rinali]]

I am sorry to be a bother again...but may I speak with you?


[[Filtered to Sakura]]

..May I have a word, please?


[[Filtered to Syaoran]]

I am currently in China. If you need a place to stay, you are always welcome here.


[[Edit: Filtered to Tenten]]

I may have to run back to Hogwarts tonight.


[[OOC: HELLO~!! Today is your last chance to donate to the Charity!!! See a few entries below for details... ^^; The winning House will be announed soon!

Lol. Entry. For lack of anything better to write.]]


Syaoran and Lee. 'Little Wolf'.
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Rock Lee
06 January 2008 @ 12:47 pm
*Sits at his desk, alone in his room. He is solemn and stern, face barely readable. Tenten is present, but taking a shower. Gai...perhaps in the living room at the moment. He takes a quill and parchment, and he writes...*

Dear Neji,

How are you? ...It has been a while. Today has been-

*crumples it up and chucks it in the waste basket*

Dear Neji,

...Due to the fact that I am now engaged to be marri-

*scribbles it out and crumples it up out of utter frustration*

*finally pauses for several minutes, and picks up his quill once again, allowing his thoughts to flow out without effort--*

[[Private to Neji, written on a small piece of parchment sealed in a brown envelope - sent to him by Maito-kun.]]Collapse )

*He takes another look at the ring on his finger - The right hand that he has used to write the letter begins to tremble. He looks upward, questioningly...*

-Gai-sensei...have I done the right thing?-
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Rock Lee
02 January 2008 @ 01:17 am
[[*Has, since early afternoon, wandered away from Tenten and has been walking aimlessly around Konoha...around familiar places, places of interest, fond memories...such as the lake, the training grounds, the backstreet where Lin Ling was discovered...the back alleyway behind the tea shop, the dango shop...And now has returned to his apartment where Tenten currently is...papers scattered all over his bed and floor.*]]

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Rock Lee
30 December 2007 @ 11:39 am

Rock Lee --

Fuzzy to the touch
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com


Is someone watching me?

Moar Under the CutCollapse )

[[OOC: YES. I DID change the lame-ass excuse meme to say, 'an auror' (as opposed to a 'duke' as it had before), since Lee's real dream is to become an auror. XDD]]
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Rock Lee
28 December 2007 @ 03:09 pm
I have crabs!! =D

They are wonderfully cute...I wonder where they came from?


In any case...I would like to extend my SINCEREST GRATITUDE to everyone who sent me and Neji gifts this holiday season...Not only that, but I would like to give a warm thanks to anyone who has donated to the fundraiser! Please be aware that we are still accepting donations!! Therefore, if you find it in your heart to give to the lesser fortunate this holiday season, there is still time!

I love my crabs...

[[Private - Hackable by Precious Persons]]

*attaches this copy from the 'Book of Ancient Wizarding Families'*

Li , and (pinyin: Li) - The most common transliteration for the name of a known Wizarding Clan originating in China particularly distinguishable for upholding strict familial customs, especially most notable for honouring the ancient Chinese tradition of the arranged marriage to ensure pureblood status amongst the descendants of the clan. Members of the 'Li' clan are all known to be descendants of one common ancestor, Li ChengLei, the first Chinese wizard to attain a government position in the Ministry of Magic. [Ect.]... Alternate Romaizations include Lee (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia). [Ect.]...

[Tucks a half-torn parchment containing the 'Li' family tree into the pages of the journal.]

Janurary 5th...

...Imagine that. Tenten seems awfully upset about the letter as I am...I wonder what will happen if I do not go with them...?

I am sure I can find a way to get out of this...I should not have ignored the situation until now...I should not have waited so long...

I am glad Ma showed me that book...


[[Private to Rinali]]

Miss Rinali...May I speak with you for a moment?



Let's say we take a youthful trip together~? There are some people I would like you to meet!

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Rock Lee
24 December 2007 @ 06:09 pm
[[T'was the night before Christmas, and all through Neji's house....
...Not a creature was stirring, not even a mo---



...Well, shit.


...A hu3g explosion in Neji's living room.

...A good guess or two? <3]]

PRIVATECollapse )


[[OOC: Btw, for all those who are wondering...]]

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Rock Lee
17 December 2007 @ 03:43 pm
Holiday greetings to all students and faculty of Hogwarts!!

As your Gryffindor prefect, I must say that I have been more than proud of the magnificent behaviour portrayed by the student body as of recent, and I would like to show my gratitude!!

Therefore, as a result, in the spirit of Christmas, each Hogwarts House shall be awarded....

3000 House Points!Collapse )

[Clickety-click ^]

[[OOC: HIII!!!! *waves excitedly* It is Christmas, and Lee is in the spirit of giving! Please allow me to point out that this will be backdated for about a month! XD I am very sorry I am imposing this so late (I just recently had the idea and had to get the approval), but do donate for the poor wizard children, yes? There is a limit on how much you may wish to donate, so please try to keep donations within reason, and keep in mind the financial situation of your character and try to make a donation based on how much you believe your character would donate based on their financial situation.

Here is the rundown on currency conversion (based on U.S. Currency, sorry T_T):

1 Galleon = $10.07
1 Sickle = $ 0.59
1 Knut = $ 0.02
1 Sickle 19 Knuts = $1.00

To make things easier, you may wish to utilize the HP Currency Converter.

Also, even though the said deadline is December 24th, the actual deadline for collections is January 5th. ^^]]

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Rock Lee
09 December 2007 @ 05:32 pm

'Dear Gai-sensei'...Collapse )

[-And just about an hour after sending the letter, his world literally goes dark.-]

[[Start of 'Plox II' for those who know about it. ^^;]]
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Rock Lee
04 December 2007 @ 04:02 pm
[Sits outside of the school in the late evening - an hour before curfew - It is cold, and he's wrapped comfortably in his cloak, looking up at the stars.]
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Rock Lee
27 November 2007 @ 07:00 pm
[[Evening of the 27th, 2007, at the Great Hall for Dinner, almost everyone has had their dinner and has been beginning to file out of there. Lee is looking at two, unopened gifts in front of him on the table, one from Gai, one from Tenten -and he is stalling on opening them without them being in his presence....Even Maito-kun brought him a gift - this morning, the squirrel dragged in a trick birthday card this morning which exploded in his face upon opening it, with a sparkly messae - "Happy Birthday, Old Fart!"]]

I wonder where Gai-sensei is...I need to thank him for this gift! Funny how Gai-sensei and Tenten remembers my birthday when I did not...^^;

[[Just then, a dirty, brown owl with matted feathers flies into the Great Hall with a large, brown envelope addressed to Lee. Utterly surprised, he carefully tears open the package, and the first thing he sees as he unfolds the letter are two pictures - One of a woman, roughly in her late 20's or early 30's, with large, expressive eyes, long hair pulled back into a ponytail, and a striped sweater. She is pretty, but her weary smile suggests that she has had the weight of the world put on her shoulders. In her arms, biting upon a little monkey toy, is a little boy, facing the camera confusedly with two, large round eyes, and his hair in a long braid.

The next picture is that same boy, seeming to be about several months older at the time, drinking from an enormous teacup....

The letter is written entirely in Chinese, and although Lee can speak Chinese fluently, he still has problems associating some of the characters to words he knows. He gets the general gist of it, however,even though he can read it in chunks....

...But he can certainly recognize the first characters that stand out at the bottom - characters for 'Love', the name, and 'Your Mother'.



It has been---....years....----- since you have been----....----from my arms. You are 16 now. Hearing that you have been accepted into Hogwarts---....----Words cannot express how proud of you I am. You have been trying-----.....---and I finally got the letter from Twinkle---....---success. I cried uncontrollably when I saw your letter, and that you have been trying ----....----for so long. You---....----visit me, and I hope that this letter ---.......----in time for your birthday, and I -....--to see you again, soon. You are always in my heart. Happy Birthday, son.


You Mother,

Mei Ling Li.



Completely overwhelmed, after having no contact with his birth mother since he was 3? 4 Years old? ...He clamps his hands over his mouth, tears of utter joy running down his face as he stares at the letter on the table in disbelief.]]



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Rock Lee
17 November 2007 @ 05:06 pm

*frantic* Has anyone seen a little red bitch?!

Come to think of it, I have not seen Maito-kun, either...

[[Filtered to Neji]]

Have you been to the greenhouse by any chance? Lin Ling is gone!!!



[-...A child stands atop a table, reaching for what seems to be a--]


[-He looks around frantically...-]

"Oops, Sorry!! ...bet no one's listening, anyway..."

[- *link* He is a young boy - about 7 years of age - with blong tresses, a cunning smile and a michievous glint in his eye. With all the running around in the halls, skidding down the banisters of the Great Staircase, harassing the house elves, ect- ...one would expect him to have tuckered out by now.

...No one could be more wrong.-]

"No worries, I'll just get him to fix it-..."

[[Lin Ling]]

[-Not too long later, a young woman in all her naked glory, crawling on all fours and whimpering...Looking utterly lost...she attempts to speak - gurgling bits of Chinese in a very slurred accent with a hint of desparation in her voice.-]

[[-...She then crawls to the bottom of the staircase, sitting there with those sad eyes and forlorn expression...-]

[[MAITO-KUN DID IT. He broke your new quill that you JUST got from you last Hogsmeade weekend. The broken statue laying on the ground near the door of the Gryffindor common room? Yep, he did it.

He is running around wreaking havoc. He is in every way as energetic as his master, even though he's expending it all in the wrong way. He REALLY doesn't mean any harm...

Whatever it is that just broke, feel free to name and claim it. As long as it's pretty/cool/shiny enough to catch a little boy's attention. XD

Note: OMG THE PLOT OF LONG AGO RESURFACES. In reality, Maito-kun is actually the incarnate of a young, wizard boy. The young boy was murdered and his soul captured within the body of a squirrel. He has simply returned to his past-life form. This explains why Maito-kun already knows how to act 'human' (for example, he knows how to walk and talk perfectly...blah blah blah), and exhibits a few magical powers in his squirrel form...Lee does not now this yet.

And the young, completely naked (ignore the underwaer in the picture) girl is Lin Ling - Lee's puppy - who lives in the greenhouse. She just came from the greenhouse, and after crawling all the way to the castle on all fours, one would be able to imagine how much a dirty, dirty little girl she is... XD

Be careful - she's underage. XDD]]
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Rock Lee
08 November 2007 @ 10:37 am
...My responsibilities have increased tenfold since I became Gryffindor prefect Even though I wanted to play Quidditch. Having Gai-sensei introduce me to those muggle horror films was an interesting experience ((*had too much fun XD* )).

Maito-kun FINALLY reverted back to his old self. I was becoming worried after week two of plushification...


I see.

He left. He left and he never told me.


How could I have not known before?

...I guess he did not care enough to tell me.

I feel ill.


[[Gah, it has been a while! I have been away from home for performances - certainly as an extended hiatus ^^;>

Mood private. The person he is referring to is Gaara, he upped and left SortingHat for Suna because of some turmoil in the village.

I hope everyone remembers me....^^;> ]]
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Rock Lee
Ah!! That...That Potions project was certainly a time-consuming one! But with loads of patience hard work, I was able to do very well!! Not even in Konoha did they make me do a 30-foot essay...
And apparently, the plush epidemic was caused by eating the bread! It makes me cautious as to eat anymore food from the Great Hall...

[[Filtered from Authorities and snitches]]

...Several Slytherins taunted me about being a Squib yesterday...

...It has been a while since I have heard that one.

...Nonetheless, I was able to show them a bit of magic of my own...DX I hope they are alright...


Wait a minute....That could not be wh----


MAITO-KUN?!?!?!?!?!?!?Collapse )

[[XDDDD Couldn't resist! XDD Feel free to be one of the Slytherins Lee landed into the Hospital Wing ^^ Been on hiatus for a while...going right back out again XD Anyone going to Screamfest/Janicon/Anime Supercon?? Ah! In case anyone is new to SH and doesn't know, Maito-kun is Lee's odd, free-spirited pet squirrel ^^]]
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Ah...It seems that someone's hair burst into flames at the Great Hall Just the sort of thing to divert people's attentions from our kiss...Whoever it is, I hope they are alright...

...Wait, is that an owl flying by---...breathing fire??

[[Filtered from Ino]]

We only have four petals for Miss Ino's origami flower birthday card so far! If you would like to add a signature, please feel free give your wishes and I will add your petal to the flower!

Miss Orihime also donated her Magical DDR game for Miss Ino's celebration!! I guess I will add a petal from her as well...


[[Filtered to Professor Tia Dalma]]

I most certainly would love to help! When will the orders cease, Professor Dalma?


[[Private with the absolute privateness of private, except perhaps hackable to the most precious persons if they really tried hard..and, of course....hackable easily to 'You-Know-Who' (*cough*Gai*cough*)]]Collapse )

[[Private EDIT, roughly scribbled and easily hackable out of carelessness]]

I cannot believe this. I must strike him as foolish.

He was here. And I did not know until March.

Until MARCH.

...Lies. I do not know what is going on, but something, or someone is not making sense.

I would have KNOWN. After I waited for so long I would have KNOWN. Gai-sensei would have known...Temari-san would have known...

...I do not know what to believe anymore. I now wonder again if this is all one-sided on my part. I do not think he is affected, either. He would have known. I would have known. What of this inane 'cosmic connection'?? Does it mean that I have to be as confused as he is??

This is all wrong. And it hurts. Has he been lying...? It is increasingly difficult to take his word over Dumbledore-sama's...even though I want to..

...I do not feel like doing this anymore. I do not believe she deserves such utter idiocy. I do not want her to have to put up with this.

...But I already placed the order.


[[After ordering an absolute shitload of cookies, Lee's doing what he does best when he needs to cope with anger. Being very active. In the Greenhouse, half-naked practicing with fire staff (Something he picked up from Durgapur).

-Edit- Neji, in the morning at breakfast, will have a quick, tiny owl deliver a rose, and a small scroll in which, when opened, will explode in the air with this sparkly message to commemorate one month. ^^]]
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[[Filtered from Ino]]

It has come to my attention that Miss Ino Yamanaka's birthday is in one week! It is known that Miss Ino is well-loved by a good majority, and she is personally one of my closest friends, so I would like to put together a birthday memory that she shall NEVER FORGET!!!! Gaara-kun and I collaborated and combined our ideas...

We seriously need help. Does anyone have any more ideas?

Also, I am creating an origami lotus flower card for Miss Ino. So far, there are only three petals. If you would like to contribute and sign a petal in her honour, please feel free to do so! The more signatures there are, the more petals there will be....so let us make sure that Miss Ino gets an extravangant birthday card with plentiful petals and wishes from everyone!


[[Filtered to Naruto]]

Do you really think I am unyouthful...?


[[Filtered to Ino]]

What is your favourite colour?


[[So, Lee and Gaara collaborated and phailed ideas on how to make Ino's special day more enjoyable. They obviously had some clashing priorities, as you can see there... XD Lee's handwriting is in the large, green ink (obviously), and Gaara's is in the tiny, black manuscript. The Japanese that Lee wrote says, "DAME DA!" or "NO!/NO GOOD!"]]

[[Lost Threads:





Sakura ]]
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14 September 2007 @ 08:56 pm
[[Filtered away from Neji]]

I apologize to anyone who had to see that...Please stop teasing me already T_T

[[Private, some hackable, filtered from Neji]]

Neji has no shame. Mr. Maxxie has no shame. Nobody has shame nowadays. I still cannot believe they did what they did.

I have not been able to walk down the halls ever since after that without being taunted endlessly. I do not think I have ever been so embarassed so many times in one week.

I am so grateful Gai-sensei and Gaara-kun was not present at the time...

...It is at least nice to know Neji's desire for se libido is somewhat comparable to my vast appetite...I think. I probably should consider myself lucky or screwed...



Just a reminder about tomorrow.



I apologise that we did not get to start the process...When shall we continue?


[[If your character was in the Great Hall this evening for dinner, feel free to have your character be a witness to the embarssing public display of affection from Neji (or possibly one of the cheering/teasing bystanders XD) Strikes illegible. Lee also refers to Maxxie, who pulled out a long string of condoms to give to Lee in public, and...Lee's very unfortunate slip of the tongue XD.]]
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Rock Lee
[[Filtered to anyone who may fit under the category of Non-virgins, Sex-Advice Experts, Men who have been, or is currently, engaged in homosexual relationships (especially)....and Ino, who seems to know a lot more about this shit than he does. God Bless Cosmopolitan.


...Help? ...Please?


[[Yep. Lee has question about the dreaded 'S-word', folks. XD Feel free to come up with the crackiest sex-advice ever. Ever.

...And as usual, hackable to Gai, but Lee may not be very willing to ask XD.]]
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